"Focus Forward has worked with my son creating personalized strategies helping him with time management, organization, focusing and communicating with teachers to help him be successful in school. These are areas he has difficulty managing due to his ADD. The sessions are conducted in a calm, relaxed manner that put him at ease to where he can understand how to best use these strategies. Follow up sessions are conducted to check and see how the strategies are working. I think the best part that makes this program so successful is the fact that Tyler has experienced in her past exactly what my son is feeling and that connection makes him feel she truly understand the struggles he is having. I highly recommend this Focus Forward and have told many others about it."

— C.C., Parent


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Tyler Dorsey 

Founder & ADHD Coach

Olivia's Story

Olivia Ann Smith graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2014, with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, and the University of Texas at Dallas, with a Masters and Doctorate in Developmental Psychology in the Summer of 2019. She worked for the Housson Center in Dallas, Texas as an executive functioning and academic coach from 2015-2019. Olivia is the Assessment Coordinator & Academic Coach of Focus Forward which provides students, teachers, and families with assessments related to executive functioning and learning styles, educational coaching sessions, and workshops. 


Olivia has been working with people who have been diagnosed with ADHD and other learning disabilities for more than 5 years, giving her views on educational attainment a unique perspective. She takes into consideration that each individual has a different style and speed of learning, which is why she decided to pursue a career in Child Development. She is dedicated to helping students develop academic and executive functioning strategies and skills to assist in overall learning and life achievements.

Tyler's Story

Tyler Elizabeth Dorsey graduated from Lexington Catholic High School in 2010, Thomas More College in 2014, with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, University of Northern Colorado in 2017, with a Masters in Educational Psychology and the International ADHD Life Coach Training Center in January 2019. She worked for Lexington Catholic High School as an ADHD Life Coach from 2014-2018. Tyler is the owner of Focus Forward LLC which provides ADHD Life Coaching, Family Coaching Sessions, Educational Sessions, Weekly Workshops, and Informational Speeches for all ages.


Tyler has not only been working with people who have been diagnosed with ADHD but has also been diagnosed with ADHD herself, giving her the view of ADHD from an ADHDer. Through adolescence, Tyler struggled both with academics as well as controlling her impulses and behavior. Having struggled with ADHD, Tyler felt called to become an ADHD Life Coach to help others understand their ADHD. She helps others develop strategies that allow them to gain better control of their inattention, impulses and hyperactivity and to prevent the feeling of being alone.

Olivia Smith 

Assessment Coordinator & Academic Coach

Our Mission

Focus Forward promotes a positive environment for individuals with ADHD to succeed and be understood.