Creating Your Ideal ADHD Life Coaching Business

Turning your coaching business from an idea to a money maker!

WHEN: Mondays, January 27, 2020 - April 13, 2020

3:30PM-5:00PM Eastern | 12:30PM-2:00PM Pacific


You've learned what it means to be an ADHD Life Coach but

now it is time to create your ADHD Life Coaching business, develop your brand and start taking clients.


This can seem tricky and a lot of work but no worries,

I am here to help!

So, what exactly is this?

This is a 12 week online group course. Class will meet weeks 1-9 on Zoom where you will learn the ins and outs of creating your coaching business. Each week you will be asked to apply the content you have learned to your business. We will have 3 Get Out Of Your Own Way & Make It Happen sessions. Those sessions are created to give you a time to figure out where you are getting stuck so far and how to overcome that. I know that sometimes we need some one on one time to make sure you get all your questions, comments and concerns addressed. For that reason, you will also have two mentor sessions to use by the end of week 12.

What Will I Get Out Of The Course?

Weekly Zoom Meetings 


Course Workbook


Two 30 Minute Mentor Sessions


Your Personal Business Plan & Branding


Your Unique Streams of Income & What to Charge


Your Specific Contracts, Session Forms, Agreements, Etc.


Money Generating (non-salesy) Strategies to Build Your Clientele

Your Website Landing Page, Marketing Brochure, Personal Business Card, and more!


Decisions about Your Accounting & Budgeting Systems

What Will We Do Each Week?

Week 1: Your Personal Business Plan & Branding 

Week 2: Your Specific Contracts, Session Forms 

Agreements, Etc.


Week 3: Get Out Of Your Own Way & Make It Happen**


Week 4: Your Unique Streams of Income & What to Charge


Week 5: Money Generating (non-salesy) Strategies to

Build Your Clientele


Week 6: Get Out Of Your Own Way & Make It Happen**


Week 7: Your Website Landing Page, Marketing Brochure,

Personal Business Card, and more!


Week 8: Decisions about Your Accounting & Budgeting Systems

Week 9: Get Out Of Your Own Way & Make It Happen**

Legal Research and Writing
Business Team

Let me save you time, money, energy, sleep, stress and more by providing for you a path to success.


About Tyler


Tyler Elizabeth Dorsey graduated from the International ADHD Life Coach Training Center in January 2019. She worked for her high school alma mater, Lexington Catholic High School, as an ADHD Life Coach, Mentor & Consultant from 2014-2018. Tyler was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 10 and knew she wanted to provide services to others who have been struggling due to their ADHD. After graduating college, in May 2014, Tyler started Focus Forward. Focus Forward began as a company that provided tutoring services and has since expanded to providing various ADHD Life Coaching services, Teacher Training Courses and ADHD Life Coaching Business Courses.

"I grew up in a house with parents who started their own construction company. Being involved in their business implanted in me a desire to own a business of my own one day. In May of 2018, I decided it was time to make that desire come true and resigned from my position at Lexington Catholic High School to focus full time on my coaching practice. Through blood, sweat and tears, I have successfully grown my coaching practice into a profitable business and I am excited to share with you my steps to success. I could not have gotten to this place without help and support from many different people and I want to be that support for you!"  - Tyler Dorsey