Diving Into Your ADHD Kiddo's Brain

This is a FREE class that will help you to dive into your ADHD child's brain to gain a different perspective of what is going on in there...


Hint: You are going to find a lot of jumbled up unorganized yet brilliant thoughts!


Tyler has experience being the ADHD kiddo her parents didn't understand. So, she is here to help YOU take one step toward understanding your kiddo a little better!


"Focus Forward has worked with my son creating personalized strategies helping him with time management, organization, focusing and communicating with teachers to help him be successful in school. These are areas he has difficulty managing due to his ADD. The sessions are conducted in a calm, relaxed manner that put him at ease to where he can understand how to best use these strategies. Follow up sessions are conducted to check and see how the strategies are working. I think the best part that makes this program so successful is the fact that Tyler has experienced in her past exactly what my son is feeling and that connection makes him feel she truly understand the struggles he is having. I highly recommend this Focus Forward and have told many others about it."

— C.C., Parent


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