From Unsure to Unstoppable!

I met Addison a few years ago in a Chuy's in Lexington, KY. Her Aunt had attended an ADHD Parent Night I hosted and felt we would be a great fit. Little did I know this young lady would rock my world!

Upon arriving, Addison wasn't sure what the purpose of our dinner meeting was. She had no idea what ADHD Coaching was, or how it could help her. Having never heard of it, her desire to learn more grew, as did her curiosity. "Could I overcome the struggles my ADHD and learning disorders had given me through school?"

Addison had hoped to try the coaching, she was looking to become more organized and try to break down my insane schedule into manageable pieces. Y'all, this girl was UNSTOPPABLE! It was like a little fire was lit and that was all she needed to take on her new world at the University of Kentucky.

After the first few sessions, she became more confident in her toughest classes, able to schedule out and accomplish larger tasks more efficiently, and felt more put together academically. Let me tell you, it showed! Addison came into every session knowing exactly what she needed and ready to take any obstacle head-on!

Having built a great foundation, Addison was able to have a strong start in her first semester at UK. She says that "coaching with Tyler set me up for success in school- graduating with honors and 3 Dean’s List appearances :-)", but the reality is that she did all the work and I was just there to help her navigate when she got lost.

Never in her wildest dreams did Addison imagine she would be able to use her ADHD and disabilities to her advantage. Now she knows she can and that she can take everything she learned and apply it to continue to be successful beyond school!

Being apart of this young lady's story is a huge honor and all I have left to say is WOW!! I am so impressed with the work she has done and I know there are big things in store for her!

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"Focus Forward has worked with my son creating personalized strategies helping him with time management, organization, focusing and communicating with teachers to help him be successful in school. These are areas he has difficulty managing due to his ADD. The sessions are conducted in a calm, relaxed manner that put him at ease to where he can understand how to best use these strategies. Follow up sessions are conducted to check and see how the strategies are working. I think the best part that makes this program so successful is the fact that Tyler has experienced in her past exactly what my son is feeling and that connection makes him feel she truly understand the struggles he is having. I highly recommend this Focus Forward and have told many others about it."

— C.C., Parent


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