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Does it feel like you are always playing catch up? You constantly are just barely staying afloat? The mounting schoolwork becomes overwhelming causing you to just want to shut down? Maybe you have already shut down and you don't know how to get out of the hole you've gotten yourself in.


Navigating the craziness of school can be difficult for anyone, but it 

is especially difficult for those struggling with ADHD and Executive 

Function deficits. Our specialization in ADHD, Executive Function & 

Learning Disabilities can help you reach your fullest potential in

and out of the classroom. 

How we can help:

 - Academic Coaching: Students will work on executive functioning

(organizational and planning) and academic (homework and study

strategies) skills, as well as complete lingering homework assignments or

prepare for upcoming exams.

 - ADHD Life Coaching: ADHD Life Coaching is a partnership between

coach and client where we work together to set goals, define steps to work

towards those goals and overcome obstacles preventing the client from

reaching their goal.

 - Focus Session: Sometimes, we just need help organizing our school

work, getting started and staying on task. Our focus sessions are for just that! During a

focus session, we will help your student complete current assignments and catch up on missing assignments. Whether it be 20+ missing assignments or one project, we can help!!


There are two common scenarios I hear from parents.

"They do good in school and is a great kid I just want them to be more organized and manage their time better."



"Our house is WWIII and I cannot take it any longer." 

Those are defiantly not the only two things I hear when a client first

comes to me but they are the most common! Regardless of if your 

kiddo is just like you so you understand why they do what they do

you just don't know how to help or if you are just completely lost

and do not understand their brain, we are here for you. We can help 

you dive into your kiddo's brain to gain a better understanding of 

how it works and what you can do to help!

How we can help:

 - Parent Coaching: Many times, parents need a 3rd party to help them 

gain insight into their kiddo's lives. Our job is not to tell you how to parent,

but rather, to help you figure out what works best for your family, how 

to help your struggling child and how to end WWIII. During this journey, 

we will be by your side to get you through obstacles that come your way!

 - ADHD Life Coaching: If you are a parent with ADHD, this might be the perfect choice for you! ADHD Life Coaching is a partnership between coach and client where we work together to set goals, define steps to work towards those goals and overcome obstacles preventing the client from reaching their goal. 

 - Educational Advocacy: Navigating the waters of educational support for your child can be difficult, especially when you are not familiar with the lingo used in the school system. Let us help you get your student the support they need for the ADHD or Learning Disability! We will help you determine how you can advocate for your child as well as teach the students to self-advocate based on their developmental level.  This is a critical time for early intervention and learning how to advocate and build relationships with school staff to get the child what they need. The earlier the student receives quality interventions the better chances that the social and emotional impact of ADHD can be minimized. This is where we can also help with the 504 & IEP process.


Adulting is hard work! Whether you are newly transitioning into the adulting world or have been doing it for a while, it can be hard to manage. From managing to keep your house intact/organized, paying the bills on time,  getting everything done at work that needs to be done or managing your kids ever-changing schedules... sometimes we just cannot make it all happen and we

can easily become overwhelmed.

We understand that feeling of defeat that encompasses you when

you observe all of your peers succeeding while adulting and you're

lucky if you make it out of the house with your shoes on the right feet. 

Our specialty is helping the disorganized person. Whether you 

have been diagnosed with ADHD or just feel like you are on the hot 

mess express, we can help you make the changes necessary to 

not just survive the adulting world but show it whose boss!

How we can help:

 - Life Coaching: Life Coaching is a partnership between coach and client

where we work together to set goals, define steps to work towards those

goals and overcome obstacles preventing the client from reaching their goal. 

 - ADHD Life Coaching: ADHD Life Coaching is the same as life coaching. 

The difference being that our ADHD Life Coaches have extensive knowledge

of ADHD as well as personal experience with the struggles people with ADHD face on a daily basis.

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"Focus Forward has worked with my son creating personalized strategies helping him with time management, organization, focusing and communicating with teachers to help him be successful in school. These are areas he has difficulty managing due to his ADD. The sessions are conducted in a calm, relaxed manner that put him at ease to where he can understand how to best use these strategies. Follow up sessions are conducted to check and see how the strategies are working. I think the best part that makes this program so successful is the fact that Tyler has experienced in her past exactly what my son is feeling and that connection makes him feel she truly understand the struggles he is having. I highly recommend this Focus Forward and have told many others about it."

— C.C., Parent


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