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ADHD & Dyslexia Mini Conference

ADHD & Executive Functioning - By: Tyler Dorsey

“ADHD & Executive Functioning” will go into detail on common executive functioning struggles people with ADHD experience and strategies to help your child overcome those struggles. We will discuss topics such as organization, time management and planning. This presentation is approximately 45 minutes with time allowed for follow up questions.


The “Understanding ADHD & Executive Functioning” presentation will be presented by ADHD Coach Tyler Dorsey. Tyler has not only been working for the past 4 years with students who have been diagnosed with ADHD but has also been diagnosed with ADHD herself, giving her the view of ADHD from an ADHDer. Through adolescence, Tyler struggled both with academics as well as controlling her impulses and behavior. This caused many fights with her siblings and parents – her family refers to those times as WWIII. Having struggled with ADHD, Tyler felt called to become an ADHD Coach and help others understand their ADHD. She helps others to learn strategies that allow them to gain better control of their inattention, impulses and hyperactivity and to prevent the feeling of being alone.


“I graduated from Lexington Catholic High School in 2010, Thomas More College in 2014, with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, and University of Northern Colorado in 2017, with a Masters in Educational Psychology. I have worked for Lexington Catholic High School as an ADHD Coach since 2014. I also own Focus Forward LLC which provides ADHD Coaching and tutoring for students after school and on the weekends.” – Tyler Dorsey

Dyslexia Simulation - By: Brenda McCray

Mrs. Brenda McCray is a self-employed Dyslexia Consultant with a Master’s degree in Reading & Writing K-12. She recently served as the Vice President and Events Chair of the International Dyslexia Association – Kentucky Branch, where she planned the Dyslexia Dash, at the Kentucky Horse Park, and Barnes & Noble Dyslexia Day, among other meaningful programs. You might know her as The Spelling Bee Lady, since she has coordinated the Diocese of Lexington Spelling Bee for the past 10 years. Mrs. McCray’s teaching career has included teaching music, 4th grade, and primarily 3rd grade in our Catholic schools, most recently at Seton Catholic.  

Upon leaving the classroom 5-1/2 years ago, to teach independently, she became certified by Susan Barton to screen for dyslexia. Mrs. McCray has assessed and tutored numerous children and adults, worked to enlighten and encourage parents, and served as an advocate for accommodations, to help kids succeed. 

One of Mrs. McCray’s favorite activities, besides playing the organ and keyboard at her church, is providing dyslexia simulations so that people can experience first-hand the trials involved in having a learning difference that encompasses reading, writing, spelling, listening/processing, and oftentimes math. Having presented the program for a number of organizations, she has received many heartfelt comments when people leave with a whole new perspective, after going through six activities and discussing aspects central to dyslexia.

Homework Helpers Seminar

 Homework Helpers will address the struggles that ADHD causes on academics and some strategies to help overcome those struggles.

February 25 @ 4:00PM

WHO: High school students & their parents Understand the struggles your student is having & come up with a plan of action Prevent that WWIII scenario at home by walking away with a plan of action  Create a support group 

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Understanding ADHD Presentation


"Focus Forward has worked with my son creating personalized strategies helping him with time management, organization, focusing and communicating with teachers to help him be successful in school. These are areas he has difficulty managing due to his ADD. The sessions are conducted in a calm, relaxed manner that put him at ease to where he can understand how to best use these strategies. Follow up sessions are conducted to check and see how the strategies are working. I think the best part that makes this program so successful is the fact that Tyler has experienced in her past exactly what my son is feeling and that connection makes him feel she truly understand the struggles he is having. I highly recommend this Focus Forward and have told many others about it."

— C.C., Parent


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